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  1. Hello, thank you for sharing your itinerary. I have a question about where did you storage your luggage to go to Shirakawa-go? are there many places to storage? Thank you

    1. Hi Fiorella!
      There are some coin lockers at the Shirakawa-go bus station (they fill up fast) as well as a luggage storage “center” – plenty of space here. They’ll hold your luggage for you until 5 PM. That’s all you really need because shops and restaurants close by 4 PM.

      1. Hi Wei, thats good I will find place to storage luggage. I will do your itinerary, but because this is my second trip and I already went to Osaka and Nara, I will stay more in Kyoto and go to Uji.
        In my way back to Tokyo early morning, I will stay for a couple hours in Nagano to visit Zenko-Ji Temple and back to Tokyo. Thank you again!

  2. Yes, I will let you know 🙂 I have other question, because I will arrive at 9:28 am in Toyama and take Hida for the 9;54 am train. Did you have plenty time to buy the Hida ticket to Takayama and found the train departure? or did you buy the Hida Toyama-Takayama from Tokyo?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Fiorella! I purchased the Hokuriku JR Arch Pass and made reservations for the Tokyo – Takayama trip online (including the transfer at Toyama). Then I picked up the tickets at the JR Travel Centers.

      Alternatively, you can also purchase the tickets with a ticket counter person. I find it easier if you reserve your final destination just so you have your transfer tickets on hand. Toyama is a smaller station so you won’t have issues finding the right line. I usually look for the departure time so I know I’m going to the right platform.

      When’s your trip?

  3. Hi Fiorella,
    Did you need to pay some additional fare to travel from Tokyo to Takayama?. It seems that he Hokuriku JR Arch Pass only covers the route in the Hida line until Inotani.

    Thank you so much to share your experience.

    1. Hi Palmira,
      Yes you are right. There is an additionalf ee to go from Inotani Station to Takayama Station. And it’s about 990 Yen. You don’t have to transfer though, just stay on the same train. If you buy from the JR East Station office, they’ll reserved the seats for you and charge you there.

      1. Thank you so much Wei!!!. It’s so much clear now, it’s difficult find this information in the web.

        Kind regards,

  4. Hi may i know why didnt you take the train to Toyama with this pass? This is really interesting that you went from tokyo straight to Takayama instead.

    1. Hi Alice!
      I purchase my ticket from Tokyo to Takayama at the JR East Station. They booked me a ticket from Tokyo to Toyama where I had to change trains to the Hida line. I just passed through Toyama but wished I’d spent a day there.

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